The return to public worship will be a source of great joy and hope to our parish community. On Monday, 29th June, the weekday celebration of Mass will re-commence Mon-Sat in both churches: St. Fursey’s at 9 am and St. Oliver Plunkett’s at 10 am.

The weekend celebration of Masses will be as before:

Saturday vigil in St. Oliver Plunkett’s at 6:30 pm and Sunday Masses at 10 am and 12 noon.

In St. Fursey’s, Sunday Masses will be at 9 am and 11 am.

It must be emphasised that people who are vulnerable or unwell, and especially those with any symptoms that might suggest Covid-19 infection, should stay at home and, if possible, participate, as now, via the parish webcam

St Furseys Church, Haggardstown, Co Louth – Chapel Rd, Haggardstown, Co. Louth, Ireland

St Furseys Church, Haggardstown, Co Louth – Live Streaming – Chapel Rd, Haggardstown, Co. Louth, Ireland

The same applies to those who have been in recent contact with someone who has the virus, in accordance with public health advice.

2. Sacrament of Baptism

The celebration of the sacrament of Baptism will commence on Saturday, 4th July. Congratulate to all families on the birth of their children. Any family wishing to have their child baptised are invited to contact Fr. Padraig Keenan at tel. no. 0429321621 to arrange it. Presently only one child will be baptised at each ceremony. Thus all family must pre-book for their child’s baptism and a time will be allocated.

3. Blessing of Graves.

The annual ceremony for the Blessing of Graves within our parish are as follows:

As a result of Covid-19, and following public health advice, the Blessing of Graves will not take place in St. Fursey’s cemetery, Haggardstown, on Sunday 5th July. Instead it will now take place on Sunday, 6th September at 7pm.

The Old Haggardstown Cemetery Blessing will take place, as arranged, on Sunday, 9th August at 7pm.

Killaly Famine Ecumenical Service will take place on Sunday, 9th August at 5pm.

4.Trocaire Lenten Appeal.

Every year Trocaire asks for your help during Lent to support lifesaving programmes around the world. This year of course it was not possible to return Trocaire Boxes through the parish in the usual way. This is the worst possible timing coming just as the world poorest people need us most. Trocaire is therefore appealing to parishioners to return your Lenten contribution. One can do so through the Parochial House Chapel Road, Haggardstown Dundalk. Your support will be truly appreciated.

5. Memorial of St. Oliver Plunkett. Archbishop of Armagh Diocese & Martyr.

Mass will be celebrated at the Mass Rock on Mullaharlin Road on Wednesday, 1st July at 7pm. The relic of St. Oliver Plunkett will be present for all who wish to receive a blessing.