Parish Mass Schedule

The Parish Pastoral Council has reflected on the current needs in regards to Mass schedules within the Parish.

 The new Mass schedule within the Parish is as follows, effective from Mon 28th Feb 2022.

 Weekdays: St. Oliver Plunkett Church, Blackrock.

                    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

                    Mass will be celebrated at 10a.m.

                     St. Fursey’s Church, Haggardstown.

                    Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

                    Mass will be celebrated at 9a.m.

 Saturday Vigil: St. Oliver Plunkett Church. 6.30p.m.

 Sundays: St. Fursey’s Church. 9a.m. and 10.30a.m.

                 St. Oliver Plunkett Church. 12 noon.

 The new Mass schedule for weekends becomes effective from Sat 5th March and Sun 6th March.

 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: in St. Oliver Plunkett Church each morning, Mon to Sat at 9a.m. to 9.55a.m.

 Rosary will be said on the morning of Masses (Mon to Wed) at 9.40a.m. and on the mornings that Mass is not celebrated (Thurs to Sat) at 10a.m.

 Communion Services will be celebrated in response to the Pastoral needs on a given day.  Mass will be celebrated each morning in the Parish. Administering of the Blessed Sacrament will not be permitted in either Church.

 Parish Ministries: The Parish Pastoral Council will engage with all those affected by the new schedule of Masses.

 Anniversary Masses for 11a.m. will now be offered at 10.30a.m. in St. Fursey’s Church, Haggardstown. Anniversary Masses for 10a.m. in St. Oliver Plunkett Church, Blackrock will need to be rearranged. Anniversaries booked for weekday Masses in both Churches will need to be rearranged by next of kin.

 This new schedule may need to be revised by the Parish Pastoral Council at a future date.

We trust in the support and understanding as these changes will  become effective from Mon 28th Feb 2022.