We give thanks to God that men in our parish have over the years offered themselves in service to Christ and his Church through the sacrament of Holy Orders. While the Church is in constant need of engaged and faithful Catholics to live out the mission of the common priesthood in daily life, it also requires the ordained to serve in the ministerial priesthood. For example, five of the seven sacraments require the involvement of a priest or bishop and this becomes six when a marriage includes Nuptial Mass. As the pinnacle of our spiritual lives the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass would be impossible in the absence of a priest.


In common with many parishes in Ireland and across Europe, our own could greatly benefit from the pastoral presence of more priests. God of course continues to call men of all ages and, although it may be difficult to hear amidst the increasing distractions of contemporary society, we hope and pray that there are men in our community who have the faith in Christ to respond generously. We ask that the faithful in our parish pray for more vocations and offer support to those considering this form of service.


Remember that the reception of the sacrament of Holy Orders is not a right for any baptized Catholic. If you feel called by God to serve his Church in this capacity then you must humbly submit your desire to the authorities of the Church. Only after thorough assessment will Christ, through his Church, invite you to receive this immeasurable gift.