St. Oliver Plunkett NS

St. Oliver Plunkett N.S. is a 21 teacher primary school in the rapidly expanding seaside village of Blackrock, Co. Louth. Blackrock N.S. (Boys and Girls) was built in 1898 and opened on Jan. 10 1899. The school was renovated in 1931 and a 4 – classroom extension was added on in 1931. The two schools were amalgamated in 1970. Work began on the two-storey extension in 1976 and it was officially opened by Cardinal Tomas 0 Fiaich on Sat. 15 April 1978. To cater for an ever-growing community a 6-classroom extension, along with major refurbishment, was built in 2001. A further new classroom was built in 2005.A final new classroom and Resource Room were added on in the summer of 2007. Neither could have been completed without the generous support and loyalty of parents and friends.

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